GP2 Schedule Updated

After discussions with the Coaches and Team Managers at the Team Leaders meeting it was agreed that due to the forecast in hot weather the events on Saturday and Sunday will be rescheduled.

This reschedule will ensure that athletes race in the Olympic distances before the forecast hot weather sets in and then complete their non-Olympic distances.

The updated schedule and lane draw can be found here

Australian Canoeing apologies for the inconvenience, however we take the health and safety of athletes, officials, volunteer and coaches with great importance.




High intensity exercise in a hot environment, with the associated fluid loss and elevation of body temperature, can lead to Dehydration, Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke. Precautions for reducing heat injuries include:



  • Do Not Wait To Feel Thirsty Before You Drink!
  • Sweat is mainly water and a very little salt.
  • Drink cool water as it is absorbed more rapidly than warm water.
  • If competing for more than one hour, use a sports drink – a carbohydrate drink of 5-10% concentration with a small amount of sodium chloride (salt tablets should be avoided because of their very high sodium chloride content, which can make dehydration worse). Diluted sports drinks, cordial and fruit juices should also be made available or recommended. Not only will this make the fluids more palatable but it will be beneficial for replacing fluids, energy and electrolytes lost during exercise. It will delay the onset of exercise-induced exhaustion and hence aid in the prevention of heat stroke.
  • It is recommended that officials and participants drink at least 7-8ml of fluid per kg of body mass to diminish the risk of heat illness.
  • Fluid should begin to be consumed at least two hours before exercising to promote adequate hydration.
  • Thirst is a poor indicator – it is a late signal of severe fluid loss.
  • Drink at least 500 ml (2-3 glasses) ½ to 1 hr before a race. Drink at least 500 ml to 1 litre (5-6 glasses) after a race and continue to drink until fluid losses are replaced.



  • Wear a hat, cap or visor – a broad brimmed hat is preferred.
  • Wear a 30+ sunscreen to prevent skin damage and skin cancer.
  • Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes.
  • Replace sweat-saturated garments with dry clothing.

World Master Games Team Uniform

Are you competing at the 2017 World Master Games in New Zealand?

Australian Canoeing have designed a uniform available for AC members to purchase to wear during the World Master Games. Please click here to view the uniform and start your order.

Orders must be submitted by 26th February 2017.

Any questions about the uniform please contact Courtney McMillan ( and 02 9763 0670).

Nominations open for the AC 2016 Marathon Paddler of the Year

canoe-marathon_inlineYou can nominate your chosen paddler for the 2016 AC Marathon Paddler of the Year in the following categories:

  1. Senior Male
  2. Senior Female
  3. Junior Male
  4. Junior Female
  5. Veteran Male
  6. Veteran Female

Nominations should include sufficient information and reasons why the nominee should be considered for the award.  The more information the easier it is for the judges to reach a decision.

You can include the nominees ‘on’ and ‘off’ water achievements within the discipline of canoe marathon.

Achievements for the calendar year 2016


2017 Canoe Slalom National Talent Squad Announcement

Australian Canoeing congratulates the following athletes have been selected for the 2017 Canoe Slalom National Talent Squad to represent Australian Canoeing and Australia.

  • Lachlan Bassett (Victoria) – NZ Development Tour
  • Kieren Black (Tasmania) – NZ Development Tour
  • Jack Choate (Western Australia) – NZ Development Tour
  • Alexandria Choate (Western Australia) – NZ Development Tour
  • Samuel Grant (Victoria) – NZ Development Tour
  • Robert Janiszewski (Victoria) – NZ Development Tour
  • Billie Knell (Western Australia) – NZ Development Tour
  • Bradley McLaughlan (Victoria) – NZ Development Tour
  • Cam Mclaughlan (Victoria) – NZ Development Tour
  • Joshua Montalto (Victoria) – NZ Development Tour
  • Sam Nightingale (Victoria) – NZ Development Tour
  • Louis Richardson (Western Australia) – NZ Development Tour
  • Daniel Shamieh (Victoria) – NZ Development Tour
  • Claire Tonkin (Victoria) – NZ Development Tour
  • Kira Wall (Western Australia) – NZ Development Tour
  • Madison Wilson (Victoria) – NZ Development Tour
  • Tristan Speed (Victoria) – Reserve 1
  • Aiden O’Callaghan (Victoria) – Reserve 2
  • Max McDonald (Victoria) – Reserve 3
  • David Knox (Tasmania)
  • Giacomo Leighton (Western Australia)
  • James Lloyd-Martin (New South Wales)
Australian Canoeing Selection Panel
  • Mike Druce
  • Sue Natoli
  • Alastair Anderson

GP2 Lane Draws

The regattas site has been updated with lane draws (in portrait and landscape versions), the coloured programme,  and competitor briefing – click here.

The Team Leader meeting for team managers and coaches will be held on the Thursday 2nd February 2017 3pm (local time) at the Sydney International Regatta Centre.

A reminder all entry fees are now due, if you have not paid you will not be allowed to compete until you do so.

Photo credit: Photos By Carolyn J Cooper