Open Letter: Club Championships RSR Weekend

Calling All TDU Members! TDU members should receive the following email over the course of the next few days looking for volunteers for an RSR weekend in Kilkenny on the the 5th and 6th April preparing paddlers for the Club Championships. In case you missed it, here you go: Hi Everyone, Hope all is well and […]

Award Review: River Safety and Rescue v Whitewater Rescue Technician

Further to a recent examination of the RSR3 and WRT syllabi it is the conclusion of the TDU committee that due to fundamental differences between the two they are not equivalent and prerequisites specifying an RSR award cannot be satisfied with a WRT award.   The RSR 3 aims to enable candidates to: Understand appropriate […]

TDU Newsletter Competition

This year the TDU has decided to open up the TDU newsletter so that we can get stories and articles from around the country.  We are looking for articles about paddling adventures you have got up to or maybe your club has a interesting story that you would like to share with other kayakers all […]